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Chanakya (BCE 350 – 275), the royal advisor for three generations of the great Maurya Empire (from Chandragupta Maurya to Asoka the Great ) and the very brain of integrated Bharat (India), advocates, “by failing to plan, you are planning to fail.  Every effective performance is based on thorough preparation“.  We use the technically advanced e-learning tools – online platforms – to coach you with a thoroughly prepared most effective curriculum to achieve your goal.  The syllabus is available with the program.

Tols School is one of the top schools for career development because of its dedicated team and procedure of approach to the subjects and students. Our innovative method is based on study and teaching of the ‘matter’ but coaching for ’cause of the matter’. We transform your approach to each interview question in such a way that you will be able to answer every question with the proper answer, the interviewer expects. The main feature of the coaching is very interactive (embedded with multi-linguistic question-answer sessions) none but focused to create and develop your wisdom and communication skills to break the iceberg- the critical problem – to go ahead with your career.  

An adept attempt to transform your life really meaningful.

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