A long view towards Spillway (established on December 04, 1954) at Thottappally, Alappuzha District, Kerala

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“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes”.

                                                – Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) – Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist.

This is about a decade ago, the concept had in mind to find a solution to assist the ambitious aspirants to grab a Gulf Job – a dream of an average technical or administrative candidate.  People are roaming elsewhere to find the right job which could feed not only the essential requirements but to shoulder the grave responsibilities of the families and improve the quality of lifestyle also. Since the seventies, the oil-rich middle east countries were wooing people from south Asian countries. It is a reality that all the developing or developed countries are still rather interested in skilled and brilliant people from India than any other country.  The reasons are nothing but their attitude, skills, education, intelligence, obedience, commitment, honesty and trustworthiness as well as loyalty. 

Though the pandemic – COVID-19 – slowdown the economic and social development of the world, it has been severely affected middle-east countries. Tens of thousands of employees have been stuck in India and lost jobs due to the cancellation of flight services back to gulf countries but, now, the scenario is being changed and the situation is going to be normal very soon.  Currently, there are a number of billions worth of big projects pending in gulf countries, and contracting companies are facing an acute shortage of skilled and administrative employees, and professionals.  Again, the threshold is open; the requirement will be high. Now, the Tols School for Career Development is here to support you, so, this is your turn.

Tols School : 2021 -The well-experienced working professionals researched and specialized in interview techniques to provide you the proper career development coaching particularly designed to win success in interviews. The new educational platforms emerged with the support of advanced technologies which globally accepted.  Tols School is introducing a specialized curriculum for aspirants of Gulf Jobs, probably the first time in India, for building the bridge to your career. Avail the advantage of this rare opportunity and get ready to fasten your seatbelts to fly into your dream world.

Building the Bridge to Your Career”


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