Tols School for Career Development is introducing various online courses. Primarily career coaching for mid-level positions in gulf countries because many of the young generations looking towards the Gulf Jobs.  But, they do not have proper information or guidance on how the gulf job can be obtained. There lies the importance of the Tols School.  We provide complete information to our students and career coaching to grab their dream success. The curriculum is specifically designed. It covers everything from CV writing supports to communication, personality development and interview success techniques etc.

Language Integration in Coaching

The medium of teaching is English. The Question-Answer session and critical explanations will be in Hindi and Malayalam also on a required basis.

No Matter if You are a Beginner – We are Here to Support you.

No Worries if You CANNOT Speak in English – We will Teach and Coach You to Speak Up.

Not at All an Issue the State You Belong to or Your Nationality A Smartphone or a Laptop or a Desktop with Internet Connectivity is Enough at Wherever You are