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Gulf Jobs: There are hundreds of thousands of vacancies are available with different projects which pay better.  The majority of the gulf companies are looking for skilled and unskilled manpower from India.  There are government approved many overseas manpower consultancies engaged at various business hubs of India – Mumbai, Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Calcutta, etc for recruiting employees for the gulf countries.

Indian Human Resources: The highest exporting product of India is the ace quality human resources. According to the United Nations assessment in 2020, about eighteen million Indian diasporas are working around the world. Approximately half of them (8.5 million) are employed in gulf countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.  The most fascinating information is, seventy percent of the total workmen in gulf countries are from India, mainly from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Employees from Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa are gradually increasing.

How To Get A Job in Gulf Countries: Tols School is introducing various online courses, primarily career coaching for mid-level positions in gulf countries because many of the young generations looking towards the Gulf Jobs.  But, people are frustrated because the challenge is they do not have proper guidance or information on how the gulf job can be obtained. There lies the importance of the Tols School.  We provide spirited career coaching which covers all aspects required to crack an interview and complete information to our students to grab their dream success.  We have specifically designed a curriculum that covers everything from CV writing supports to interview communication and personality development etc.  In addition to all, we refer the CVs of our students to some of the reputed manpower agencies that are actively engaged in overseas manpower recruitment. We teach them to familiarize job search tools, practice potential job sites as well as provide them with a list of agencies in India and abroad. Therefore, this is the threshold, connecting you to your dream job.

Language Integration

The medium of teaching is English but the Question-Answer session and critical explanations will be translated in Hindi and Malayalam as well on a required basis.

No Matter if You are a Beginner – We are Here to Support you.

Don’t be Panic if You CANNOT Speak in English – We will Teach and Coach You to Speak Up.

We don’t mind the State You Belong to or Your Nationality – A Smartphone or a Laptop or a Desktop with Internet Connectivity is Enough at Wherever You are.

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